Don’t Compromise: All-Inclusive vs Pay-as-You-Go

There are many different ways to travel, and no way is right or wrong. If you are considering an all-inclusive or pay-as-you-go vacation, here are the pros and cons of each.  


Everything is Included  
One of the primary benefits of an all-inclusive vacation package is that everything is included in the original price. In other words, you’ll never have to reach for your wallet after stepping foot on the resort. Once you pay for the vacation package, your room, meals, activities, drinks, and staff gratuities would be covered, which sounds pretty terrific, right?  

Experience a Tropical Destination 
Many all-inclusive resorts are set in the heart of an absolutely beautiful topical country such as Jamaica, Bahamas, Cancun, Belize, and many more destinations.  

In general, tourists love that these resorts are located in a picturesque country. Let’s fact it: Where else would someone want to eat, drink, and sleep everyday? 

Perfect for Romance 
Since many all-inclusive resorts are “adult only” properties, several couples choose these accommodations because there aren’t any children around, which ultimately translates to optimal peace and relaxation.  

Lack of Variety 
If you are someone who likes to explore new things everyday, you may not enjoy an all-inclusive resort. These properties feature the same buffet-style meals and activities, so you may eventually get bored of the lack of variety.  


Optimal Flexibility 
A pay-as-you-go vacation may be a great option if you desire much flexibility while traveling. Since you won’t be locked down at a resort, you can eat at a wide variety of restaurants and engage in many different activities in the country. Of course, you can also decide where you will stay for the night.  

Depending on your travel style, paying for things as you go could add up in the long run, especially if you factor in the costs of private excursions, fancy restaurants, and nightlife. It’s a good idea to set a budget to ensure that you don’t overspend. 

Gerald Taylor

I am a lifelong explorer and travel enthusiast. I've never been a certified travel agent, but I have multiple family members who were. I'm not necessarily plugged in to the latest travel vendors and exclusive packages, and I've never cared for the label "life coach," but I do think I have some wisdom to offer about how people can get the most of your their vacation time.