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Corsica has superb beaches, lush countryside and stunning mountain scenery, yet is relatively unexplored as a holiday destination. It combines the
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Traveling with your pet isn’t always the best option—for you or for your furry friends. Sometimes circumstances don’t allow for pets to travel,
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You may wonder what you’re letting yourself in for when you book your first family skiing holiday, but it need not be all drama and tantrums. These
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Choosing your travel companion is a surprisingly difficult task. However, as with most topics covered in our “Don’t Compromise” series,
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When it comes vacations, most people cite one major barrier: budget. We’ve all heard it before—I can’t afford the plane ticket; or, I’m
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Some parts of the year are better for travel than others. Some parts of the year are more popular for travel than others. Unsurprisingly, these
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Think about your most recent vacation—let's say you went to Germany. What are the moments you remember most? Sure, you probably have a picture at
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    • Volcanos and Penguins and Wine Oh My
      The 28 or so hours traveling here has proven to be more than worth itWhile the flight from Houston to Santiago was overnight and in the dark the three hours from Santiago to Punta Arenas were spent winging over the Andes. Amazing is a word overused i
    • A Mistake Visiting Myanmar
      Last week's events in Myanmar are deeply disturbing. It leads me to question my visit there a few years ago with Mr. Mike. We had a great experience met some interesting people and thought we were helping locals become employed in the tourist infrastru
    • Sphinx Avenue
      12th February LuxorThe construction of the Avenue of Sphinxes began during the New Kingdom and finished during 30th Dynasty rule of Nectanebo I 380362 BC.Around 1200 sphinx statues are thought to have lined this road together with barque chap
    • Cimitero Staglieno
      Gold Star Three The Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno was one of the highlights over the Christmas period. It was planned in the 1850s in an inhabited area and lies now in an area not far from the centre of Genoa. It is one of the largest historical c
    • Gold star four Bitter Orange Trees
      I see bitter orange trees all over Liguria and they are delightful. Bitter orange trees originally came from South East Asia through Oman Persia and Egypt. They arrived in 1000AC on the coasts of the Arabian Mediterranean Sea Morocco Algeria T
    • The architecture of Joe Plenik
      12th February The architecture of Joe Plenik This renowned pioneer of 20th century modern architecture has had a largescale effect on Ljubljana similar to that of Antoni Gaud in Barcelona. In Vienna where he studied Plenik des
    • Maps
      Here's the map plan subject to change depending on whatever