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Do you sometimes regret choosing a substitute location for vacation? There is no doubt that choosing a substitute travel destination can be
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We are going to hold off on making this purely an "age of Coronavirus" post. We are certainly in that age and it is meaningful, however, we aren't
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Windswept castles, glorious beaches, wine collecting, exotic architecture, old-world charm and friendly natives:  - Fresh seafood with
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Northumberland – a county of extremes, from the rugged wilderness of the National Park and Heritage Coastline to the nearby vibrant city of
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Long Island, New York offers diversity, glamour, the good life, excitement or solitude; all within 125 miles. Orientated to the water and shaped
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Turkey has become increasingly popular, and now has over 17 million visitors each year. It is renowned for its history, hospitality, value for
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Thailand, formerly Siam, is an enchanting Buddhist Kingdom that is renowned for its natural beauty, its welcoming people and its sumptuous cuisine.
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    • Volcanos and Penguins and Wine Oh My
      The 28 or so hours traveling here has proven to be more than worth itWhile the flight from Houston to Santiago was overnight and in the dark the three hours from Santiago to Punta Arenas were spent winging over the Andes. Amazing is a word overused i
    • Eastbourne Beachy Head and the Seven Sisters
      Dear AllGreetings and hello again from London. I am writing at the end of a lovely weeklong halfterm holiday the Thursday of which I decided to head out and explore again and am now writing up my blog entry for another lovely local day trip from L
    • Ecuador Pandemic Adventure
      I really enjoyed visiting Ecuador and Galapos Island This was the best trip I took in the beginning of the COVID19 pandemic This was great because I got to explore different parts of Ecuador within the capital. I got to visit the Capital of Ecuador How
    • Colombia travel
      Enjoyed visiting the Colombia Plaza and the Church
    • El Salvador
      I enjoyed walking around San Salvador along with my Mexico and Guatemala Northern Triangle Working Trip I enjoyed exploring the immigrants of El Salvador migration in El Salvador the land of El Salvador the food of El Salvador and the people of El Salv
    • Lisbon Portugal
      Enjoyed Portugal I really loved seeing the outdoors of Lisbon Portugal
    • Geikie Gorge
      Today was a big travelling day. We left the town of Fitroy Crossing and headed to Geikie Gorge which has been shaped by the Fitzroy River. What makes the Gorge unique in its colouring is the regular flooding of the Fitroy River during the wet season. In fa