Don’t Overlook: Cruises

Whether it’s 2020 or 2040, cruises will always be a great way to travel because of the many conveniences that they offer. Here are some reasons to make a cruise your next vacation.  
Enjoy An All-Inclusive Experience 
A cruise offers guests a worry-free vacation that is rarely found elsewhere. Most cruises are all-inclusive, meaning that your food, cabin, amenities, and entertainment will be included in the price. The only things that you’ll really need to purchase are the excursions at the many different ports. Depending on the package that you select, you may also need to buy alcohol.  
Indulge In Tasty Food 
Can you really go on a cruise without indulging in the food? Most frequent cruise travelers don’t think so.  
On board almost all cruise ships, you can expect large, 24-hour buffets that feature any type of food that you can imagine. Just think fluffy blueberry pancakes, roasted pork chops, sushi, and pizza. Getting hungry yet? 
In addition, you’ll also have access to 24/7 room service that boasts several good eats. Not to mention, you’ll fee like a queen or king when served.  
Take The Entire Family  
Cruise ships can accommodate families of all sizes and ages including babies, teenagers, grandparents, parents, adolescents, and many more members. There is something for everyone on the ship such as children play areas, cool spots for teens, and grownup swimming pools and bars. The ship also features video games, basketball courts, and a movie theater, which are great options that encourage family time.  
Explore Beautiful Places 
Regardless of the cruise line that you choose, it’s likely to stop in at least one port. More than likely, the port will be situated in a beautiful place, from the coastline of Alaska to picturesque beaches in Jamaica.  
At each destination, you’ll have the option to participate in an excursion, explore cultural sites, relax on the beach, shop at local markets, and experience many more once-in-a-lifetime activities.  
Disconnect For A While 
Do you want to disconnect for a week? There’s no better way to do so than by going on a cruise. 
While you’re out at sea, your cell phone will not work, unless you pay for an expensive Wi-Fi package. 

Gerald Taylor

I am a lifelong explorer and travel enthusiast. I've never been a certified travel agent, but I have multiple family members who were. I'm not necessarily plugged in to the latest travel vendors and exclusive packages, and I've never cared for the label "life coach," but I do think I have some wisdom to offer about how people can get the most of your their vacation time.

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